Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Haven't been very active.

Now that school has started and things are slowing down.

Been busy as hell with work, thanks for checking my blog though. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I heard this song, just had to post it.

This song is freakin' awesome :D.

Call of Duty Black Ops Confirmed perks

The full list of CoD: Black Ops perks confirmed for the full game.

Perk slot 1:

Lightweight - Allows you to move quicker

Scavenger - Resupply ammo off the dead.

Ghost - Basically like Cold Blooded from MW2, invisible on radar unless you shoot without a silencer.

Flak Jacket - Ability to survive explosives close range.

Perk slot 2:

Hardened - Increased bullet damage

Scout - Increases the time to steady weapons with scopes. Good for snipers.

Steady Aim - Speaks for itself, increases hip fire accuracy.

Sleight of Hand - Cuts the reload time in half. Quick reloads.

Warlord - Gives you the ability to make 2 attachments to primary weapon.

Perk slot 3:

Marathon - Another returning perk, increased speed while sprinting.

Ninja - Gives you stealthy advantage when approaching enemies.

Second Chance - Go on the ground with your pistol after being gunned down. You survive for 10 seconds, or whenever you are hit.

Hacker - Ability to detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions. Highlights them red.

Tactical Mask - Resistant to flash bangs and gases.